About Our Founder

Don Carlson

Don Carlson was the Chairman of the Board for Carlson Holdings, Inc., a $180 million distributor of fastening and packaging, product assembly systems, and affiliated companies in both distribution and manufacturing.

Product Line Developers

Rudy Canlas

Director of Engineering

Stanley Bostitch

Global Tool Development

Engineering, Pneumatics

Don Perron

Mechanical Design Engineer

Stanley Black & Decker

Brown Sharpe Manufacturing

Pneumatics Tool Manufacturer


Product Design and Branding


Thomas W Galvani, PC

Tom Galvani is a patent, trademark, and copyright attorney in Phoenix and provides intellectual property services to his clients.



5 Questions with the Inventor

Was there a specific event or time that you realized that the hammer needed to be improved upon 

About 5 years ago.

Are there any other tools or products that you have on your sites to disrupt or re-invent?

At this time we are developing other targets such as to drive wire fence staples. And watching for other similar hammering applications.

Why do you think it so important that the hammer as a tool evolves/changes

My primary objectives for developing Deliverance Powered Safety Hammers is focused on user safety and health plus the ability to drive practically all types and sizes of nails and spikes. This also includes removing nails and staples. In addition, we have developed numerous quick change “hammerheads” for deconstruction, demolition, and materials processing.

At an age when most people have long since retired what drives you to continue to pursue your goals of improving the way we build things

I have always like to work… Be busy. It is “my hobby”.

What makes the Deliverance Powered Safety Hammer the best choice in powered hammers

With the exception of collated nail guns and staplers (which are limited and dedicated to specific types and sizes of fasteners), the only handheld nailer is the palm nailer which damages/hurts the user’s hands in use.