Deliverance Anti-Shock Safety Hammers
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Kit #1 All-Purpose Nail and Spike Driving Hammer Kit

Deliverance Safety Hammers will Precisely and Accurately Drive all Kinds of Hand Held Nails and Spikes.

  •  Spikes of all sizes

  • Pole barn nails

  • Hardened concrete & sheet metal nails

  • Metal connector nails 1-1/2” (Teco nails) 2-1/2” and 3-1/2”

  • Duplex nails

  • Common nails of all sizes

  • Sinker nails
  • Box nails of all sizes

How It Works

Drives Spikes of All Sizes

Excellent Features


Reduce musculoskeletal injuries

Alternative to manual hammers and palm nailers. No more smashed fingers and thumbs.

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